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14525 Champions Dr. – Chateau Foreclosure Auction

Who doesn’t need a home the size of a….castle??!!  Yeah, right!  Not even the monarchs back in the day could afford the taxes and the upkeep of their castles.  Even today, most of the castles, chateaus and the largest estate homes are not owned by individuals.  They are owned my national trusts, governments and investors, who also can’t afford the upkeep, hence why we are allowed inside of them.  They offer paid tours, hold events and create bed and breakfast hotels out of them to afford the maintenance these size homes call for.

When  I saw that this home was going up for auction, the first thought that crossed my mind was that this would make a really nice event location for weddings, charity functions, dinners, etc.  Even some of the bedrooms could be occasional B&B rooms, especially bride and grooms after they had their wedding there.

According the appraisal district The Chateau is 25,637 square feet and features a music room, library, outdoor terrace, wine room and a Greenhouse Room…just to name a few!  The Chateau was modeled after Normandy France architecture, with marble flooring throughout and handpicked and imported antique fixtures from Europe.

The home is going up for auction on November 5, 2011 to the highest bidder.  The building costs are over $10 million, the opening auction bid will be $2 million.

If you are looking for a similar size home that is available for sale and not up for auction, please feel free to use our Search for Houston Homes feature.

Note:  Unknown whether or not this property has any restrictions, it would have to be verified and a variance would have to be applied for if there are any commercial restrictions.

Source:  Houston Association of Realtors

Rear View of Chateau










Chateau – Terrace














Chateau – Music Room