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Buyer Representation

Why Buy with Vanacor Properties?

Buyers choosing Vanacor Properties as their Houston area brokerage enjoy a full range of services that only an independent brokerage can offer. Purchasing through Vanacor Properties ensures a smooth and enjoyable transaction which is why we have a large amount of repeat business in Houston and the surrounding areas.

We make the search as easy and pleasurable as possible

  • Personal, knowledgeable service and advice.
  • The strongest, most extensive brokers’ support network.
  • Highly organized and well-planned Home Hunting trips
  • Help identify problems with homes buyers may want to buy
  • Help identify issues to consider upon resale

We provide the inside track on the market

  • Unsurpassed Market Value Advice – We negotiate the best deal for you with the most qualified brokers in the business to get you the best price.
  • Home Buying Education – Whether you are new to Texas or a First Time Home Buyer
  • Texas Property Tax Education

We make the process easy for you

  • Our brokers are experienced professionals with the industry’s top negotiating skills and a Commitment to quality service
  • Insure that all government forms and Sellers Disclosures are provided.
  • We handle all of the paperwork allowing you a seamless transaction.
  • We have a team working for you with the most experienced closing staff to facilitate closings so that all details and dates are completed properly and efficiently throughout your transaction.
  • Lender locator assistance.
  • Advice on inspections.
  • Experienced with Relocations.

Specialized Luxury Home Program

  • Low profile transactions for high profile clients where discretion is a necessity.
  • Being a part of the Luxury Home Marketing Institute provides us with excellent networking opportunities not available to other real estate companies who are not affiliated.
  • Extensive knowledge of Golf course communities in the Houston area.

How to Work With Us

  • Initial Meeting – If you are serious about buying a property, you want to work with a professional Realtor. Professional Realtors and Brokers can make the home buying process a lot easier. The first meeting is important. This is your opportunity to interview and get acquainted with the Realtor and to express your reasons for buying and to let them know what your needs and goals are and most importantly, what is important to you. Be sure to be candid about your motivations.
  • Loyalty – We often get asked “How Many Realtors should I work with?” It’s important to understand that Realtors work on commission. They only get paid if a transaction closes. The best Realtors will only commit to you if you commit to working with them. The best Realtors will “back-off” if you are working with other Realtors. One good Realtor will benefit you by mutual loyalty. You will get better service if the Realtor knows you are dedicated to working with only them.

Insider Secrets to Getting What you Want

  • Get Pre-Approved – To make the strongest offer possible get “pre-approved”. The process takes a few days to a few weeks. If you are competing against other offers you will have a definite advantage.
  • Daily Search – When you are serious about buying, find a Realtor who is serious about helping you. Get your agent to do a daily MLS search.
  • Speed is Important – Don’t think you can look tomorrow or on the weekend. Look immediately and be prepared to make your offer on the spot. The best homes are not on the market long and will not wait for you to linger on a decision.
  • Write a “Good” Offer – Write your offer to be accepted; not countered. While you are in counter, someone else could be buying your home.
  • The Price – Asking price use to be what the seller hoped for. In a “hot” market, there may be multiple offers. The actual sales price can be more than asking. If you have done your homework before hand, you will feel more secure when negotiating your offer.
  • Best Offer – If you are the only offer when you write, other offers may come in after you have written. Even if you end up in a multiple offer scenario, the seller may choose your offer, because you started better than the rest.

Vanacor brokers are dedicated to our clients and our Houston area communities. They know our communities as intimately as they know the real estate market and how to best locate a home for you.

If you are interested in buying a home in the Houston, Texas surrounding areas or Houston Texas real estate, please call one of our experienced, professional Realtors and discuss what your needs and goals are and what is best for you.

We retain only professional Brokers who continually provide exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail.